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In 2018, in the U.S alone, almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic were created just for beauty and personal care products.

The question is: Can we purchase beauty products without adding more plastic waste to the landfill?

  1. A refillable model can be applied to reduce plastic packaging, while lowering transport costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

For example, Unilever - one of the top 4 plastic polluter companies in the world, has begun to recognise the plastic crisis and recently launched its first refillable Dove's deodorant to reduce virgin plastic waste.

Watsons Malaysia recently launched their first Naturals by Watsons refill station in Kuala Lumpur to reduce the overall plastic consumption as well.

2. A circular model to reduce exploitation from natural resources and collect used packaging to be reused again.

Aveda is one of the largest users of recycled plastic in the beauty industry and has recycled millions of bottle caps through their Recycle Caps with Aveda campaign. Other brands like Origins, Kiehls, and The Body Shop offer a reward system for customers to return their empty plastic bottles.

Share your favourite beauty brands that are taking ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future for us to support them as well!


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