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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Feeling guilty about all those clear disposable plastic food containers that have piled up in your home throughout the pandemic?

FRET NOT! Send your collection of clean plastic containers to us, after the pandemic, and we will upcycle them!!!

We shred and mix Type 5 clear plastic containers with coloured plastics and the result looks pretty cool- the ruler has a distinctive translucent look with coloured swirls throughout.

We found out that clear plastics are always preferred in the recycled materials market, and have the highest material value. This is because transparent plastic can typically dyed with greater flexibility.

Even when we try to provide solutions for your clear plastic containers, we firmly advise everyone to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. Choose safety and sustainability together by cooking food yourself or subscribe to container-sharing services like Muuse and Barepack to help reduce single-use food packaging.


Working with loop2cycle, our expanded sister company!

loop2cycle specializes in providing commercially viable and sustainable plastic recycling machines, including our unique 3-in-1 plastic upcycler. These machines continue to enable groups and communities around the world to turn plastic waste into quality products. This generates greater awareness of the plastic pollution crisis, provides employment and the potential to generate income in developing nations, whilst reducing plastic pollution in all cases.

Get in touch today to learn how loop2cycle can help you reduce your plastic pollution footprint!


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