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3-in-1 Upcycling Machine at Tybee Island, Georgia 💙

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

One of the 3-in-1 Upcycling Machine has finally safely arrived to the hands of the fantastic group of Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers located at Tybee Island, Georgia!

Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers has been actively removing trash in and around the island every week. Members band together and clean every section of Tybee's three-mile long beach, including the Black River and Savannah River stretches, dunes, marshes, and tidal ditches. All the while they have been sorting their collected plastic waste to dispose of it responsibly through reuse, recycling, or municipal landfill.

And now, they plan to start upcycling their collected plastic with this unique upcycling machine that we specially customised for them!

We are excited to see Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers begin upcycling with their new machine, and inspire more people to do the right thing for our environment 🌸🌸🌸


Working with loop2cycle, our expanded sister company!

loop2cycle specializes in providing commercially viable and sustainable plastic recycling machines, including our unique 3-in-1 plastic upcycler. These machines continue to enable groups and communities around the world to turn plastic waste into quality products. This generates greater awareness of the plastic pollution crisis, provides employment and the potential to generate income in developing nations, whilst reducing plastic pollution in all cases.

Get in touch today to learn how loop2cycle can help you reduce your plastic pollution footprint!


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