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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In 2019, we collaborated with The Body Shop Malaysia to create these keychain fragrances made from their collected old, empty plastic bottles.

🌿The Body Shop Malaysia introduced a 'Bring Back Our Bottle' campaign to encourage customers to bring back their old, empty bottles to close the loop and reduce the environmental impact.

♻️Upcycling polypropylene (Type 5) plastic bottles from The Body Shop resulted in these colourful 100% upcycled plastic fragrances with a smooth and glossy finish. Discarded fishing ropes collected from the mangroves of Pulau Tulai and from the beaches off Pulau Tioman are tied through the fragrances as keychain loops.

🤝Our first collaboration project with The Body Shop Malaysia successfully upcycled 36KG of plastic containers and created sustainable income for underserved communities.

We understand the value of reducing and upcycling plastic waste materials. We hope that more brands will create a circular economy for plastics for a Plastic-Free Seas future!


Working with loop2cycle, our expanded sister company!

loop2cycle specializes in providing commercially viable and sustainable plastic recycling machines, including our unique 3-in-1 plastic upcycler. These machines continue to enable groups and communities around the world to turn plastic waste into quality products. This generates greater awareness of the plastic pollution crisis, provides employment and the potential to generate income in developing nations, whilst reducing plastic pollution in all cases.

Get in touch today to learn how loop2cycle can help you reduce your plastic pollution footprint!


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