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100KG++ of assorted plastic bottles and containers were delivered to our workshop a few months ago from The Body Shop Malaysia.

This was our second time working with The Body Shop Malaysia to design and create upcycled products from their used plastic bottles, and we took up the challenge to sort, clean, shred, and upcycle these 100KG++ of used plastic bottles.

😵And heck, it was exhausting.

There were a mixture of different types of plastics among the 100KG, and after going through hours of sorting the plastics, only 20KG of plastics are usable, while the other 80KG are unusable due to the characteristics of plastics.

After sorting the plastics, we have to clean the plastics, including washing the containers, and removing labels. We aim to educate more people that plastics which are contaminated with dirt and oil usually cannot be recycled. Hence, it is important for consumers to clean their bottles before sending them to recycling centres.

Clean plastic bottles were then shredded and injected into a custom comb mold. Our artisans delicately hand trimmed the excess plastic from the comb with care to ensure it has a clean finish.

Go buy your own 100% Upcycled Comb from The Body Shop Malaysia when you are on you way to drop off used bottles to them! Remember to clean your plastics!!!


Working with loop2cycle, our expanded sister company!

loop2cycle specializes in providing commercially viable and sustainable plastic recycling machines, including our unique 3-in-1 plastic upcycler. These machines continue to enable groups and communities around the world to turn plastic waste into quality products. This generates greater awareness of the plastic pollution crisis, provides employment and the potential to generate income in developing nations, whilst reducing plastic pollution in all cases.

Get in touch today to learn how loop2cycle can help you reduce your plastic pollution footprint!


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