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Designed & handcrafted by The Sea Monkey Project! Made from 100% upcycled plastic. Each product is made from plastic “waste” which is collected, cleaned, sorted, shredded, melted, and then pressed into an injection mold using our 3-in-1 plastic recycling machines.


Ruler - our pocket-sized ruler, made from 100% upcycled plastic. "Measure your impact!" with the perfect ethical souvenir to support ocean plastic solutions and education. Add to your favorite keychain, or colorful fishing rope you find during your next beach cleanup.


15cm length, metric units.

100% Upcycled Ruler

  • Every 100% upcycled ruler handcrafted by The Sea Monkey Project is one-of-a-kind. Please note, due to the nature of our production and materials choices, no two coloured rulers will look the same.

    Please choose your color preferences, but also expect and accept some color variation; these make our products unique, original, and sustainable.

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