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“Designed & handcrafted by The Sea Monkey Project”

means all of our bags and products are made by hand, in our Community Project Sites located throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Working together with underserved communities supports positive economic and social development and creates long-term sustainable change. While contributing to equality, inclusion, and decent livelihoods, we also learn how to become a more circular and sustainable business.
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Meet Our Community!


Our entire line of Sea Monkey Project 100% upcycled bags are handcrafted by refugees; these families are registered with UNHCR in Malaysia, but are prevented from accessing legal employment. We have had the pleasure of building relationships with two families who escaped violence in their home country, and are now gaining sustainable employment through our Community Project Site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Making Orang Asli Mothers Independent (M.O.A.M.I.) is a community-based volunteer organization, working with indigenous mothers from Orang Asli villages in Malaysia. M.O.A.M.I. encourages and empowers mothers to lead active roles in their community, while gaining independence. We partnered with M.O.A.M.I. in 2019, by installing a plastic shredder, and injection machine, and teaching the community how to upcycle plastic into valuable products.

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