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 Beauty of the Sea 

This class aims to introduce students to the animals, plants, function, and importance of the ocean from a unique perspective.


The founder of The Sea Monkey Project sailed around numerous countries, experienced a lifestyle close to nature. The Sea Monkey Project team also comprises of marine science, sustainable industrial design scholars, we will present stories and lessons relating to the ocean we experienced first-hand. We believe the first step for students to understand ocean conservation and sustainability is to appreciate the wonders the vast blues have to offer.

All about Plastics

Since the commercialisation and mass production of plastic in the early 20th century, our world benefits greatly by having access to a cheap material but not without explicit costs. We will help students understand the science, history, economy, challenges, and impact behind a simple
piece of plastic.

Sustainability, Lifestyle of Now and Future

Plastics have become a global problem for the wellbeing of the environment and thus our survival. Per the United Nation’s sustainable development goals of 2030, the future leaders of our world will play a crucial role in the shift towards a more sustainable and greener society.
Students today shall not only be able to see the big picture of the future but initiate changes today by adopting small actions to reduce, reuse, repurpose, and upcycle plastics.

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